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TRUTH changes how we raise our families, go to work, and relate to our neighbors. Most important,
the truth changes how we worship God.

Truth Matters

The weekly devotional of Philip De Courcy


Remind Me Again

I recently read about man who lost the function of his memory due to a horrendous mix up in the operating theatre during which the wrong part of his brain was removed. In all other areas he functioned well, but he was unable to recall and remember. Therefore, every time...Read more

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At Know The TRUTH,
the centerpiece of our ministry is the proclamation of God’s Word... with boldness, clarity and that you are free to be the follower of Jesus Christ you are meant to be.

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Being the only Christian among my fellow employees, it is a struggle to keep walking the narrow path.  Listening to Know The Truth at night, along with the Bible and the Lord at my side were my rock!  I love Philip’s straightforward, no-nonsense way of delivering the truth.

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Pastor Philip’s teaching was the spark that compelled me to give my life to Jesus Christ. Philip’s exposition, with the help of the Holy Spirit, helped me understand, for the very first time, the power, beauty, and personal cost of the sacrifice Jesus made to reconcile me to God, save me from the wrath to come, and enjoy Him forever.  With tears in my eyes and a heart of gratitude, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Know The Truth powerfully proclaims God’s Word to the heart, mind, and soul of sinful men. 

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After coming to the end of myself, I providentially began listening to Know The Truth during Pastor Philip’s "Classical Christianity". Months later, God radically saved me and gave me new life.  My greatest desire now is to glorify Christ through missions and evangelism. I don't know where I'd be without God sovereignly using Know The Truth and Pastor Philip to bring me to saving faith.

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Know The Truth has helped me in in furthering my understanding of the Bible and my walk with the Lord. I find myself better understanding what I need to do and the way I need to walk in Christ.

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Know The Truth is such a treat to listen to each morning.  I LOVE the sermons and have learned so much. Thank you so much. You have touched a life in San Diego and the sermons are taken very seriously.  

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Philip always brings clarity, focus, and simple preaching to bring forth the life giving Word of God.

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I am compelled to let you know that Know The Truth delivers the anchor of God's voice to me each day. I can only say, with the humility so deservedly to God, I am blessed beyond compare.

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Know The Truth was the turning point in my Christian walk. I came across KTT by accident one day while at work. During that time I had been unemployed for seven months and my father was hospitalized due to a stroke. I was going through a dark period and the Lord used KTT to minister to me. Pastor Philip De Courcy preached in a way that I had never heard before, he preached directly out of the Word. Having the opportunity to listen to expository preaching, for the first time in my life, I felt that my soul had sustenance.

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Know The Truth has excellent teaching and connects God's word with today's world situations.

Philip De Courcy is the senior pastor of Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills, California, and speaker on the daily radio program, Know The Truth.

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Join pastor Philip De Courcy in the grand journey toward understanding God’s message to mankind.

As Jesus said..."you shall Know The Truth, and the truth shall make you free!"

John 8:32 NKJV