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Special interview with Pastor Philip De Courcy

This special interview with Pastor Philip provides insight into the new series, Be Encouraged, and reminds us that encouragement for life’s most challenging times is found in God’s promises.

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The untold story of Charles and Susie Spurgeon will ignite your faith.

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The Latest Devotional By Philip De Courcy


A number of years ago, the well-known and beloved professor Howard Hendricks was teaching at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). As DTS was an all-male school at the time, the classroom was full of men who aspired to serve the Lord and exercise leadership within the church. It is reported that Hendricks stood up once in a class and said something to this effect, “Gentlemen, I need to talk...Read more

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Live Online Bible Prophecy Event: What On Earth is God Doing?

Bible prophecy is the subject of four messages happening this Saturday, May 15th. Join Pastor Philip De Courcy as he gives a message and answers questions with HisChannel for a live event.


To access the live event click the banner to the left on May 15, 2021, at 10:00 AM PST