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Listen to "Ready, Steady, Grow" Interview
Special interview with Pastor Philip De Courcy

Listen to the extended version of this special interview with Pastor Philip as he discusses timely topics and provides insight into the brand-new series on the book of Acts called, Ready, Steady, Grow! 

The current culture attack on the Gospel

Be prepared to stand firm for the Gospel in these turbulent times.

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The Latest Devotional By Philip De Courcy

In his book Life as a Vapor, John Piper writes: “I am glad for adrenaline; I suspect it gets me through lots of Sundays. But it doesn’t do much for Mondays. I am even more thankful for my heart. It just keeps on being a humble, quiet servant – during good days and bad days, happy and sad, high and low, appreciated and unappreciated. It never lets me down. It never says,...Read more

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Entrust Men's Leadership Conference 2021

We live in divisive, polarizing times, and it’s more important than ever that leaders know how to navigate conflict in the church well.  Join us on November 4th, 2021, for the sixth annual, Entrust Men's Leadership Conference, sponsored by Know The Truth.  This year's conference will focus on the theme "Leading Through Conflict." 


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