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by Philip De Courcy

A mini-book which gently counsels those who tend to worry or struggle with more serious symptoms of anxiety. An increasing number of us are worrying ourselves sick about the past, the present, or the unknown future. Here, Philip De Courcy carefully distinguishes right concern from unhealthy anxiety, and using Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount shows us how we can have victory over worry by entrusting ourselves fully into the caring hands of our heavenly Father.

Price: $5.00

Pastor and former police officer Philip De Courcy calls on Christians to take refuge in God (Psalm 46:1), drawing on lessons he learned in law enforcement to affirm that true security is not the absence of danger, but the presence of God. Identifying the major dangers today's Christian faces—including crime, North Korea, Islamic terror, aggressive secularism, and spiritual warfare—Pastor De Courcy shows us how we can take cover in God-given promises and protection.

Price: $19.00

Life is full of pressure. We all feel it. Sometimes it seems we’ll crack under the stress.

Philip De Courcy looks closely at Mark 3 and discovers the three principles Jesus used to handle pressure rather than run away from it. In Philip’s booklet, Handling the Pressure, we learn more than simple tips and techniques to help us maintain our sanity; rather we learn profound and relevant ideas that if practiced, will change our lives.

God never promised us a life free from pressure but He did provide a real answer in how to handle it. We just need to look to Jesus' example and follow Him.

Price: $5.00

Hard times can come out of nowhere and completely cripple us. Our worlds can suddenly be shaken by a bad doctor’s report, a moral failure, or a spiritual dry spell. Containing one hundred theologically-rich but easy-to-read devotionals, this book has been written to provide some Emergency Rations to help you survive the struggles of life. Keep it near at hand and find strength for today and bright hope hope for tomorrow.

Price: $15.00