Above All

While an admirer of Christ, Gandhi summarized his position on Jesus when he said, “I cannot concede to Christ a solitary throne.” For Gandhi, like so many in our contemporary culture, they will have Jesus as a man but not God; teacher but not Savior; someone
to be admired, but not worshipped. Yet, as the book of Colossians shows, Christ is not comparative, He is superlative; Christ is not penultimate, He is ultimate. Join Philip De Courcy in a series of messages from the early chapters of Colossians as he seeks to convince all that Christ deserves a solitary throne. Christ is above all powers and above all things. To go beyond Christ is to leave Christianity behind. The Lord Jesus Christ is creation’s only source, man’s only Savior and God’s only son. Therefore, to Him belongs a solitary throne. Learn how to give Christ the first place in your life.

C.H. Spurgeon, the great English Baptist, is reported to have said to the students of his Pastor’s College, “If God calls you to be a preacher and pastor don’t stoop to be a king.”  In these words we are reminded of the high calling of the Christian leader.  The church is God’s greatest concern on earth and therefore it ought to be the all-consuming passion of those who are given leadership over it.  In these messages from several New Testament passages, Philip De Courcy spells out the call, character and conduct of the true minister of Jesus Christ.  The ministry is a supreme task that calls for a supreme commitment.