Always Abounding

This Easter season invites us to discover how to live a life that never tires. Through Pastor Philip De Courcy’s sermon series Always Abounding, our eyes are opened to the power of Christ’s resurrection and its ability to transform us! We now have access to God’s purpose—one rooted in robust faith and unwavering love for Him. Let this Easter be set apart by abiding joyfully within His divine plan!
The resurrection of Christ changed the lives of all believers, offering them a hope-filled future and abundance in their everyday lives. Jesus now indwells each believer through His resurrection by providing joy, peace, purpose, and future glory. As we reflect on the Easter message, it is easy to see why Pastor Philip speaks about being wide awake to life; for, if Christ has risen, then believers should be steadfast in faith when working toward God’s purpose—knowing anything we do for the Lord is not in vain (1 Cor. 15:58). Let us continue living our days with enthusiasm, as faithful witnesses to what it means to have been blessed with God’s eternal grace in Christ!