Armed & Dangerous

The New Testament affirms that faith in Jesus will inevitably lead to conflict in the Christian life. For those in Christ, life is a battlefield experience that involves a good fight of faith. In the series, Armed and Dangerous, Pastor Philip De Courcy focuses on the Apostle Paul’s instruction to believers engaged in spiritual warfare – including identifying the enemy, and an in-depth view of the equipment necessary to engage in battle successfully.

In this study of Ephesians 6:10-18, Pastor Philip examines Paul’s description of the full armor of a soldier – something very familiar to those living under Roman rule. Paul’s illustration was designed to help believers understand the formidable nature of the enemy, and the weapons and armor God provides to withstand the attack of Satan and his alliance of evil forces, leading in the end to victory. Paul uses this illustration to remind believers that victory in spiritual warfare hinges on full dependency on God and a vital prayer life. In Armed and Dangerous, Pastor Philip emphasizes the need to understand the role of truth, righteousness, faith, and Scripture in prayer, and how they each underwrite the spiritual act of putting on the armor of God. This powerful study emphasizes that even through personal challenges, family conflict, and increasingly hostile culture, the believer can find strength and confidence in God’s power to fight and win in spiritual warfare.