Be Encouraged

Our lives are filled with ups and downs – including times of joy and sorrow, gain and loss, life and death.  Moments of excitement or success can be quickly overshadowed by times of failure, hurt, or pain – sometimes caused by personal challenges or, more broadly, by the unsettled world we live in today.  Pastor Philip De Courcy’s brand new series Be Encouraged focuses on foundational biblical truths to reassure you, ground your peace, and build your hope in the challenging times of life.  Messages in this uplifting series include: Full of Confidence (Heb 13:5–6), It’s All For The Good (Rom 8:28–30), Forever Loved (Rom 8:31–39), Where History is Headed (Ps 2), Hope Beyond The Grave (1 Thess 4:13–18), The Future Looks Good (1 Peter 1:3–9), Without Fail (Lam 3:21–26), Finding Comfort (Is 40:9–31), Keep Together (Heb 10:24–25) and Built to Last (Matt 16:18–20).  Pastor Philip preached this series in early 2021 to provide spot-on encouragement for living in today’s troubled world.

The Be Encouraged series will teach you that even when times feel hopeless, we can confidently find encouragement, and look to the future, because God’s promises remain, and grant us a living hope.