Classic Christianity: Life Together

In the New Testament, believers are called to proclaim the Gospel and overcome evil with good, despite living in a world that is cold and filled with discord and conflict. Their goal is to persuade people towards Christ and the truth in Scripture. In Life Together, the fourth set of messages in the Classic Christianity series, Pastor Philip De Courcy teaches from the 5th chapter in 1 Thessalonians – which calls the Thessalonians to unite in their faith and union in Christ so that the Church will shine brightly among the darkness and evil of the World.

In this study, Pastor Philip focuses on relationships within the local church-specifically how church members relate to their leaders, each other, and Christ. After highlighting God's judgment that will fall on the dark world, Paul urges believers to live in the light of Christ's imminent return, "endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Eph 4:3)." In Classic Christianity: Life Together, Pastor Philip uses this fifth chapter in Thessalonians to remind believers to follow their church leaders faithfully, admonish and encourage each other, and collectively worship Christ in everything. By embracing sound preaching and submitting to the Spirit, the Church will experience holiness and unity that displays the character of Christ, calling the world to repentance with its witness.