Classic Christianity - More than Mere Words

We live in a time when society increasingly changes its expectations of pastors and churches.  These sentiments sometimes suggest, and in many cases demand, that the church inject ideas from modern culture into its worship and ministry and strongly challenge the church’s biblical foundations. However, the Bible provides guidelines that anchor the church’s ministry in following God’s plan, not human opinion or demand.  In More than Mere Words, the second set of messages in the Classic Christianity series, Pastor Philip De Courcy explains how the early church provides an unwavering benchmark for biblical Christianity that never changes – regardless of the expectations of the world.

In this study of the second chapter of 1 Thessalonians, Pastor Philip shows that the leaders of this early church displayed faithful stewardship of the gospel by modeling Christianity, steadfastly delivered the Word of God, and consistently produced results as evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work in the church.  Classic Christianity: More than Mere Words reminds believers that the impact of the local church’s message directly correlates to how God’s guidance is received and applied by the church.