Classic Christianity - The Real Deal

We live in a society that craves new things.  However, in the context of the church’s function, many times, “new” can be dangerous. Despite a constantly changing world, the Bible never calls for the church to reinvent itself to conform to the changing culture. Instead, it is to tether itself to timeless instructions and principles found in Scripture. In the series, Classic Christianity: The Real Deal, Pastor Philip De Courcy explains how the early church provides an unwavering benchmark for biblical Christianity that never changes.

Using the first chapter of 1 Thessalonians, Pastor Philip shows that the early church, comprised of believers transformed by the gospel, showed faith through service, exemplary conduct motivated by love, and hope that awaits the return of Christ.  The series Classic Christianity: The Real Deal reminds believers that the unmistakable marks of the church today are the same as they were in its early years-lives committed to Christ, not conformed to the outside culture. In a world of constant change, the church needs to remain steadfast to spread the gospel, with members living their lives reflecting a deep relationship with Christ.