Classic Christianity: The Way You Are to Live

Today’s Christians live in a culture that is growing more antagonistic toward God, Scripture, and the church.  This hostile environment is similar to the one encountered by the church in Thessalonica.  In The Way You Are To Live, the third set of messages in the Classic Christianity series, Pastor Philip De Courcy teaches from the 3rd and 4th chapters of 1 Thessalonians – with a specific focus on how the Thessalonians were holding up, and living their lives, despite the adversity and hostility they faced in their daily lives.

In this study, Pastor Philip focuses on the key themes of these two chapters – the avoidance of temptation, prayer for their faith, a need for purity, living an orderly life, and encouragement based on Christ’s future return.  Paul’s pastoral concern for the believers in Thessalonica is clearly evident, with a particular emphasis being that the daily lives of these believers needed to remain strong and obedient, despite a world around them that would prefer they fail.  In Classic Christianity: The Way You Are To Live, Pastor Philip uses these chapters to pastorally remind believers that they must remain strong and faithful to Christ, despite the negative circumstances they face in their daily lives.  He specifically focuses on how their lives should be grounded in the reality of their faith in Christ, as opposed to the difficult circumstances they face all around them.