Confessions of a Happy Sheep

Over time the wise learn that very few things are really necessary in life, actually only one.  And that one thing is a living relationship with a loving God.  The testimony of Scripture is that the man who has God for this treasure has all things in one.  In this series of messages on Psalm 23 we are helped to see that in God we have all that we need and more than we want.  King David, the writer of this song, presents himself as a man who has everything.  With God as his shepherd he has abundant sufficiency in that he does not want.  With God as his shepherd he has abiding security in that he does not fear.  Whether in life or death David was never left to himself.  The Lord was with him in goodness and mercy.  In a day of growing fears, diminishing confidence, mounting demands and increasing restlessness, Psalm 23 provides the assurances that we all seek.