The Darkest Hour

The mood of early Easter morning started out as one of gloom and despair, perhaps even panic. However, it quickly dawned into a day of joy, peace, and hope because of the glorious resurrection of Jesus! In his Easter sermon series, The Darkest Hour, Pastor Philip DeCourcy reminds us that Jesus’ suffering, the darkest moment of history, fit perfectly into God’s sovereign plan to bring salvation to humanity – culminating in the glory of the resurrection. Because of Christ’s glorious victory in this darkest hour, Christians can take comfort, knowing that when challenges and fears arise in their dark hours, the Holy Spirit equips Christ’s followers to not be mired in despair. Instead, they can glory in Christ’s ultimate victory, and penetrate every place with the message of salvation.
The Darkest Hour also reminds believers that peace is not the absence of difficulty, but the presence of God, who gives us power through the Holy Spirit’s work to confidently address the difficulties and dark days in
our lives. When doors are shut, and our days are dark, we must trust God’s promise to never leave us or forsake us (Heb 13:5). God assures us with peace and salvation in Christ that we may have the boldness to rise above fear, and to carry forward with confidence, proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples.