Essential Jesus - Ready, Set, Go

The Gospel of Mark presents a narrative that is sharply focused on the ministry, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through a simple and straightforward action-packed account, Mark encourages the believer to live daily as a true disciple of Christ and to follow Jesus’ example of enduring through trials and sufferings. In Ready, Set, Go—the first set of messages in the series Essential Jesus—Pastor Philip De Courcy focuses on how Jesus displayed His authority as the Son of God through His ministry and teaching. In the face of great conflict, Jesus lived a life in service to others and embraced God’s purpose that would take Him to the cross.

Through Jesus’ early work and preparation for ministry, Pastor Philip teaches how God intentionally prepares and builds the believer’s character to live for His glory. In Ready, Set, Go, Pastor Philip challenges the believer to follow the example of Christ’s resolve to share the gospel message. Empowered by the Spirit, a believer is called to redeem the time, live a life of obedience, and be ready to interact with unbelievers for the sake of the gospel.