Essential Jesus: There Is No Stopping It

The Gospel of Mark presents a narrative that is sharply focused on the ministry, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through a simple and straightforward account, Mark encourages the believer to live daily as a true disciple of Christ and to follow Jesus’ example of enduring through trials and sufferings. In “There Is No Stopping It”—the second set of messages in the series Essential Jesus—Pastor Philip De Courcy examines Jesus’ selection and preparation of the Twelve to be sent out to preach the gospel and eventually lead the Church. As Jesus displayed His divine nature in various ways, the Jewish leaders’ accusations intensified, causing division among the people who believed and those who rejected Jesus as the Son of God.

Through Jesus’ later Galilean ministry and teaching, Pastor Philip reminds believers that God’s light in the gospel is not to be hidden, regardless of the culture’s hostility. Instead, the good news must be shared with the confidence that God is at work and that nothing will impede the results of the gospel message. In “There Is No Stopping It,” Pastor Philip teaches that the people of God identify with Jesus and should trust that the seed of the Word will accomplish His will in the hearts of those who hear. Even though the world is hostile to Christ and the Scriptures, God calls Christ’s followers to persevere and share the Truth with understanding and confidence. God equips believers with the power of the Holy Spirit to evangelize, so they can witness God’s grace transform the lives of those who rightly respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.