It's Most Important

The significance of Easter is very often lost among our many celebrations. The gospel message presented in the Scriptures is often overlooked, leading many to miss what is most important about this important holiday. In the Easter sermon series, It’s Most Important, Pastor Philip De Courcy reminds us that an understanding of, and a belief in the Gospel is foundational to salvation and a full recognition of the significance of Easter. Believing Christ died in the place of sinners, was buried, and the rose on the third day is at the heart of the Christian faith – and is of “first importance” at the center of the gospel message (1 Cor. 15:3–4).

In It’s Most Important, Pastor Philip teaches that Christ bore the penalty of sin through His death and burial, granting forgiveness and freedom to the sinner. Through His resurrection, God vindicated Christ, sealing His defeat over death. The Easter message – the most important story - brings joy to the believer because Christ’s saving work grants justification before God, assurance that suffering will end, and confidence to live life for God’s glory.