Less Stress

Stress. It seems unavoidable in our 21st Century world. Circumstances often press in from every corner, life is demanding more and more of us, and giving very little back.   We often feel challenged to bear up under the load and find a way to flourish as we carry our own burdens.  However, if we take a minute to peer into the pages of Philippians, it becomes apparent that dealing with stress is not unique to modern man.

In his study, titled "Less Stress", Pastor Philip De Courcy uncovers a therapeutic theology from Philippians 4.  In this series, you'll hear God-given remedies and realities to help the hurting heart and sooth the wounded soul as well as discover God's perfect prescription for combating worry, anxiety and stress.  Our life situations may be unpredictable but living in the truth of Philippians 4 will encourage us to face them with less stress.