Life After Life

Heaven is a place most of us have heard about, and Christians know it is where they will spend eternity in the presence of Jesus Christ. However, surprisingly, many Christians aren’t excited about the prospect of Heaven, and in some cases know very little about their eternal home being prepared for them. In the series “Life After Life”, Pastor Philip De Courcy examines the Scriptures to provide an in-depth view as to what Heaven will really be like. This series addresses a wide range of topics about Heaven, including important points such as: where exactly Heaven will be located; where we will live and what we will do; what we will find and see in Heaven and perhaps even more significantly, what will not be present in Heaven. For those who have put their faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ, this series from Pastor De Courcy will whet our appetites for that Believer’s “Life after Life” – in Heaven.