That Makes Good Sense

Ours is a culture being drowned under a tidal wave of information.  Since 1955, knowledge has doubled every five years.  It is a rush hour on the information super highway, but are we any wiser or happier as a society?  We know more, but are less sure.  Where is the wisdom we have lost in all this knowledge?

In this series of studies Philip De Courcy reminds us that wisdom is rooted in the fear of God is the key to a well lived life.  The book of Proverbs is an indispensable guide to a productive living.  This book of wisdom covers everything from training a child to ruling a nation; from eating too much to talking too much; from how to succeed in daily life to how to live for God and further His Kingdom.

College may prepare us for making a living, but only true godly wisdom as presented in Proverbs prepares us for life.