That Makes Good Sense

Ours is a culture being drowned under a tidal wave of information. While information is abundant, society is increasingly unwise and unhappy. People know more but are increasingly uncertain because culture has swapped wisdom for knowledge. In the series That Makes Good Sense, Pastor Philip De Courcy teaches from the book of Proverbs on the essential nature of godly wisdom to live life well. The Book of Proverbs provides insight rooted in fear of the Lord, and it is an indispensable guide to knowing how to act skillfully and productively in all areas of life. The series That Makes Good Sense reminds believers that wisdom is about choosing to live rightly, righteously, and timely so that God is honored in all areas of life. Pastor Philip teaches that without wisdom, happiness is diminished and opens the door to disaster, ultimately crippling a believer's ability to walk through life effectively and joyfully. Education may prepare us for making a living, but only true godly wisdom, as presented in Proverbs, prepares us for life.