A Matter of Life and Breath (from This is My Story - This is My Song)

As born-again believers, we are children of God and can enter His presence anytime. Yet, we often become man-centered, earthbound in our focus, and we can lose sight of God’s great love, grace, and excellence when we worship Him. In A Matter of Life and Breath, Pastor Philip De Courcy examines the meaning of Psalm 150 and the means that it prescribes to praise God the way He deserves: loudly, lovingly, and lively. 

In this concise yet majestic psalm, Pastor Philip explains the where, why, how, and who of worshiping God—calling believers to worship Him for His mighty acts and His excellent greatness. The psalm affirms that God takes great pleasure in those who worship Him rightly. When anchored to God’s Word, music expresses worship through various styles, promotes unity, clarifies theology, and produces doxology. A Matter of Life and Breath reminds worshippers that every day is an opportunity for worship. Through all of life and every breath, we give praise and glory to God, who created and redeemed us so we can worship and glorify Him.