Maximum Security

Security.  We all want it, however too often a single headline will cause us to feel at-risk and vulnerable.  We become fearful that what we thought we had protected; ourselves, our families and communities, is about to collapse.  Circumstances are wrecking havoc in our lives.  Our concerns aren't without good reason. Bad events have happened before and they could happen again.

So where do we find the security we want?  Better yet, how do we surround everything we car about with maximum security?  Pastor Philip De Courcy has unlocked the truth found in Scripture of how Christians can experience real security in his series "Maximum Security."  Regardless of the day' events, or the news headlines, God has told us that maximum security is possible if we live by His maxims.  Dig deep into passages from the Old and New Testaments with Pastor Philip and discover the maximum security only God can provide.