This is My Story, This is My Song Part 1

It is not difficult to meet yourself in the Psalms.  This is a book about real people and real problems.  The composers of these ancient songs struggled with modern day problems such as fear, depression, injustice, ageing, raising families and trusting God in the face of His seeming absence.  So, while much of the Bible speaks to us, the book of the Psalms uniquely speaks for us.  It addresses our questions, but it also answers our questions.  In this series, Philip De Courcy will help us to see that the promises of the Psalms still breathe with life.  This central book in the Bible remains a spring of living water to the weary soul, a harbor to the storm-tossed soul and a classroom to the questioning soul.  It is our prayer that in studying these Psalms, that each of us will sing a new song unto the Lord.