A New Look at Christmas

Over time, someone can celebrate Christmas so often, and hear so many Christmas sermons, that they can lose the wonder of what Christmas is. In the series, A New Look at Christmas, Pastor Philip De Courcy examines John 1:1-18 and calls Believers to look deeply into the center of Christmas…the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

This passage from the Gospel of John has no manger, no shepherds, no Mary or Joseph, but instead, the Apostle John strips bare the Christmas story to focus solely on Jesus – the ultimate center of Christmas. Through the Word – Jesus Christ - who stepped into time and became flesh, God reveals His character, love, and purpose for humanity. As Believers contemplate God’s salvation through Christ, it calls them to worship the newborn King and embrace the opportunity to share the gospel with others who are lost in the “holiday season.” Jesus came to shine in the darkness of a fallen world and rescue men from the consequence of sin - darkness and death. A New Look at Christmas will help Believers regain the wonder of the Christmas season and provide encouragement to proclaim Christ-the One Who is the irresistible Light of God, granting eternal life to those that believe.