Off Color: Dealing With Unwelcome Emotions

God created human emotions, and they’re critical in man’s interaction with God and others. As fallen creatures, our emotions are depraved and need to be redeemed and sanctified according to the Word through the work of the Holy Spirit. In Pastor Philip De Courcy’s brand new series Off Color: Dealing with Unwelcome Emotions, he focuses on foundational biblical truths to help believers understand unwelcome emotions, examining what they reveal about the heart and how to handle them wisely. Messages in this uplifting series include “Don’t Be Scared” (Phil 4:4-9), “Escape the Darkness” (Ps 88:1–18), “Losing Your Temper” (Js 4:1–12), “What a Relief” (Ps 32), “It’s Time to Decide” (Ps 25:1–22), and “Got to Have It” (Ex 20:17).

The Off Color series provides valuable insight to help us master our emotions and not allow emotions to master us. Pastor Philip calls believers to engage their emotions properly and to enjoy God’s goodness in all circumstances of life.