Overcoming Under the Circumstances

Life has a way of putting us into circumstances not of our liking.  We can find ourselves hemmed in by trouble, surrounded by enemies, or imprisoned by choices.  Under such circumstances our faith can wither and our joy can evaporate!

In this series of studies in the book of Philippians, author and Bible teacher, Philip De Courcy shows how we can overcome under the circumstances.  If our circumstances find us in God, we can find in God all that we need for our circumstances.  There is, as Paul in prison proves, the joy of God’s providence, peace, and provision.  God is ahead of His children preparing the way.  God is with His children saying all is well.  God is beside His children supplying their every need.  Wherever life may take us, and whatever life may throw at us, we have reason to rejoice.  Don’t be overcome by your circumstances, be an overcomer through Christ.