Preaching That Connects

The Bible is God’s inspired Word, and it is fully sufficient and authoritative on all matters of faith and practice. It’s fascinating and humbling that God’s plan involves the use of preachers and teachers in proclaiming His saving Word to the world. First and foremost, Jesus Himself was a preacher, with a substantial portion of His earthly ministry dedicated to preaching. And of course, Jesus was preceded by the preaching of the prophets and followed by the active preaching ministry of the Apostles during the early establishment of the church. In this series, Preaching That Connects, Pastor Philip De Courcy reminds preachers and teachers that the goal of preaching and teaching is to communicate God’s Word effectively to the hearer and to bring God’s Word to the point of connecting with the listener– which involves well thought out preparation. Pastor Philip focuses on the important point that preaching isn’t just an act, it’s an art. It’s not just a science, it is a craft.

This series is a must-listen for any leader who preaches or teaches or who aspires to preach and teach. Pastor Philip provides biblically-based teaching for those seeking to enhance their ability to teach and preach through the use of illustration and application.

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