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Interested in partnering with Know The Truth?

RK Media is pleased to produce and represent Know The Truth.  We think you’ll agree that the production quality and content achieve the highest standards.  Our experienced team includes Wayne Shepherd as our announcer on the program, and our top-notch production team responsible for seamlessly framing Philip’s messages.

Philip is surrounded by a supportive church elder board and a visionary board of directors responsible for guiding the non-profit ministryPlease be sure to check out the rest of the website where you can learn more about this growing ministry and the variety of resources available to listeners.

The Monday through Friday broadcast is 25-minutes in length.  The program is available via AMB-OS and FTP download.

Please contact RK Media at or by phone at (818) 865-0180.

Those of us who have devoted our lives to Christian broadcasting have prayed that God would raise up a new generation of Bible teachers.



Philip De Courcy shares the vision for declaring the hope of the Gospel through radio, Internet, and any technological means at our disposal. 

Raised in northern Ireland by devoted Christian parents, it wasn’t until Philip pursued a career in police enforcement that he felt the call of God to preach. His new found passion brought Philip and his wife, June, to southern California to begin their formal post-graduate training at The Master’s Seminary. Today, Philip is the senior pastor at Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills, California.

Philip preaches with clarity, courage and conviction.  His expositional delivery comes with a charming Celtic flare and with a direct and disarming style you would expect from a northern Ireland street cop.  He offers an appropriate balance of reverence and humor … compassion and confidence.