Take The Call

A Christian’s identity through salvation is rooted in Christ. However, while believers grasp the calling to salvation, many tend to believe the ongoing Christian life is primarily their responsibility. This can cause them to drift and meander through life, trying to find direction. In the new series, Take the Call, Pastor Philip De Courcy focuses on foundational biblical truths that will reorient a believer’s mind to understand that the Christian life is more than a calling to salvation. Instead, it is a calling initiated by God that impacts every area of a believer’s life, establishing their purpose in Jesus Christ. Messages in Pastor Philip’s uplifting and challenging new series focuses on the calls to salvation, fellowship, suffering, peace, holiness and blessing, along with the call to belong, the call to glory, the upward call, and the call to preach & lead.

God desires that His children understand why they were placed in the world – and that His calling on their lives extends much more broadly than on just salvation. Take The Call teaches that life is not accidental, arbitrary, or random for those He has redeemed. Life in Christ is a calling, directing a believer’s entire life with meaning and purpose, and all for His Glory.