Tech Savvy: Christians In the Digital Age

As a Christian living in the digital world, we embrace the benefits technology has brought to our lives. However, the heightened level of communication and information is also full of risk for a follower of Christ. In his series, Tech Savvy: Pursuing a Christian Mind in the Digital Age, Pastor Philip De Courcy encourages believers to engage their minds to ensure God is honored in their use of digital technologies-not conforming to the mindset of the world. With a foundation of Romans 12:1-2, these sermons will challenge you to use digital technologies with discernment, to think wisely, and acknowledge the negative impacts digital technology can have on a believer's mind if used unwisely.

This series will also challenge you to assess the time spent with digital technologies and the inherent dangers of using specific digital platforms. It will remind you there are times to put your smartphone down, and instead, do something for God: serving the kingdom, loving your neighbor, and evangelizing the lost.