Tempted and Tried

"Count it all joy..." This isn't the first thing that comes to mind when life hits us with difficult, if not unbearable situations. It is however, the very first words James uses to exhort and encourage believers in his short and powerful book.
In "Tempted and Tried", Pastor Philip De Courcy explores how we are to face trials, what they can accomplish in our lives for good, as well as teach us how trials are different from temptations.  While trials are external and used by God to develop the character of the believer, temptations are battles with our own sin nature and rebellion against out heavenly Father.

Through James, God assures us that He will never tempt the believer.  This gives Christians one more reason we can have confidence in God's good character.  This confidence draws us into loving Him more through the trials we face and gives us victory over our temptations.