Things You Need to Know

In his second epistle, the Apostle Peter emphasizes the need for Christians to have full knowledge of the faith they have received. Beyond undeserved favor and position, God's grace and peace divinely enable a believer to live and grow in the knowledge of Christ. In his new study Things You Need to Know, Pastor Philip De Courcy teaches from 2 Peter, which calls followers of Christ to learn and take full advantage of the knowledge that God provides to believers in Christ. This knowledge empowers them to grow spiritually, experiencing the abundance of God’s grace and peace.

In Things You Need to Know, Pastor Philip highlights the connection between a Christian’s knowledge of Christ and Scripture and their spiritual growth. Throughout this epistle, Peter urges believers to be rooted in the knowledge that comes from the Word of God, spiritual development, and living confidently in God’s election. Knowing the truth of Scripture will keep the follower of Christ from being misled by counterfeit teachers who stifle the faith of many and lead them away from the saving grace of Christ and the promise of His imminent return. In Things You Need to Know, Pastor Philip encourages believers to use God’s provided knowledge to cultivate godliness and live a fruitful life as a disciple of Christ.