For Those Who Haven't Got a Prayer - Volume 2

What breath is to the body, prayer is to our soul. It must be a vital part of the believer’s life in God.  Prayer is the Christian’s native breath.  Yet for many of God’s children, their prayer life is a source of guilt and great discouragement.  Their spiritual breathing is faint and shallow.  In this study, Philip De Courcy introduces us to the Lord’s Prayer in the hope of breathing new life into our conversation with God.  For many this prayer is simply a piece of religious liturgy which is to be rattled off like a piece of school memory work.  But Jesus did not intend for this prayer to be a substitute for our own prayer.  Rather he gave it to his disciples as kindling for their own praying.  This is the kind of prayer that God wants to hear from us.  If you haven’t got a prayer then this prayer can be the mother of many prayers in your life.  The Lord’s Prayer prayer’s proper aim, attitude, anatomy and assurance.  Don’t just say the Lord’s Prayer, let it speak to you!