You've Got Mail Part 2

It seems today that everybody has an opinion on how the church ought to look and live within a world that is increasingly hostile to the gospel. The constant cry from certain ministers and marketers is that the church needs a new game plan. We’ve heard from the church growth experts! We’ve listened to the church consultants! In this series of sermons, Philip De Courcy seeks to remind us that it is high time we hear from our Lord Himself! When it comes to the church’s health and holiness there is only one opinion that counts! In the last book of the Bible the Lord Jesus presents to us the last word on the church in a series of seven letters addressed to seven historic churches throughout Asia Minor, churches who represent conditions existing elsewhere in the body of Christ. Conditions of cultural polarity, moral laxity, doctrinal impurity, and spiritual warfare that will persist until Jesus returns for His people. In studying these seven letters we will learn the master’s plan for the church today. What Jesus thinks of the church is a question we cannot afford to ignore.