Resources Available To Purchase
by Philip De Courcy

The Know The Truth’s This Means War Study Card

Spiritual warfare is a real thing. This resource will help give you biblical insights and guidance from Ephesians 6:10–18 to help prepare you for battle. Request the Know The Truth’s This Means War Study Card today!

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7 Days of Truth: Resting in God’s Providence

Are you confident in God’s providence and control? Using scripture as His source, Pastor Philip says you can be. Request his new booklet now and discover truth to help you rest in God’s providence.

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Get a clear picture of a healthy church!

The Know The Truth Model Church Study Bookmark

Learn from 1 Thessalonians how you can know what makes a model church. Request your Model Church Study Bookmark today!

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Don’t stay stuck you can rebound from difficulty.

This unique resource will help give you biblical insights and guidance to help you rebound from difficult experiences through the refreshing and reliable truth of God’s Word.

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The Know The Truth Tech Savvy Study Card

Pursuing a christian mind in a digital age.

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No Doubt About It Bookmark.

Too many followers of Christ live in a state of uncertainty about their eternal destiny. However, it is God’s will that all believers live in full assurance of their faith and salvationThe Know The TruthNo Doubt About It bookmark provides key passages from the Bible that outline how a follower of Christ can know that their salvation is certain because of the finished work of Jesus Christ. It is designed to serve as a handy study resource to supplement Pastor Philip De Courcy’s No Doubt About It, series, which is being broadcast during October.

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God designed marriage perfectly for you! You can know His plan and design straight from His Word.

The Know The Truth Marriage Study Card is our new resource designed to provide you Biblical guidance on the significance of marriage as a binding covenant, as well as understanding God’s view of divorce.
The Know The Truth Biblical Marriage Study Card will enhance your personal study this month as you listen to Know The Truth’s broadcast of the Before You Say I Don’t series.

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Looking For a Great Disciple-Maker Bookmark

This bookmark outlines practical and insightful guidance from Scripture for those looking to find someone who can disciple them and positively impact their spiritual growth (or for someone looking to begin discipling others).

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More Than Adequate CD

Psalm 23 is one of the most well know of the Psalms – recited by many when facing challenging situations in their lives. But what makes Psalms 23 so meaningful to so many people? This Psalm contrasts the weakness and frailty of sheep, through the eyes of a Jewish shepherd, with the all-encompassing adequacy and protection provided by our Shepherd – God Himself. This sermon by Pastor Philip explains the vivid imagery of the Psalmist and how it reminds us of the depth of God’s adequacy in all of our weaknesses and struggles.

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Plenty to Do in Heaven Bookmark

There is no shortage of misconceptions about Heaven. Whatever your ideas of eternity may be, one thing is sure, what God has planned for His children in Heaven is better than anything we can imagine. What’s even better is that God doesn’t leave us wondering what Heaven will be like - there are inspiring scriptures that shine a light on our future lives in Heaven - our eternal home – including what believers will do in Heaven.

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