Truth Matters

The latest devotional by Philip De Courcy


Up Close And Personal

What is the best way to reach the world for Christ? The answer to that question is one home and one heart at a time! Evangelism that is up close and personal is still the best method of reaching the lost. Statistics continue to show that a majority of people...Read more


Win The Day

John Wooden, the great UCLA basketball coach who led the team to 10 NCAA championships in 12 years, was not only a basketball coach to his players but a life coach. John Wooden did not want his players to be champions on the court and chumps off the court. One...Read more


Points Of Reference

Once, in reply to a delegation of bank presidents who urged whether it was not time to give up all thought of the Union, President Abraham Lincoln told the following story (as penned by Walt Whitman): 

“When I was a young man in Illinois, I boarded for a time

...Read more

The Blessing Of Not Knowing It All

A mother was waiting for her little girl to get off the bus after her first day at school. When she got off the bus, the mother asked her, “What did you learn today?” The little girl replied, “Nothing, I guess. The teacher said I have to come back tomorrow.”...Read more


Having Enough

Many years ago Dr. Joseph Parker, a contemporary of C.H. Spurgeon and pastor of the famous City Temple Church, mounted the steps to his pulpit and announced his reading for the morning as Psalm 23. Slowly and distinctly, he read, “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.” There...Read more


It's All Good

I have a friend in ministry who has a wonderful habit of invariably finishing a conversation—especially when talking of difficult problems or people—with the words, “It is all good.” His words are based on the wonderful promise of Paul in Romans 8:28, where those loved by God are reminded that...Read more


Perfect Timing

Phillips Brooks, the former New England pulpiteer, was known for his calm demeanor. So, you can guess the surprise of his associates when they found him pacing up and down the floor of his study like a lion in a cage. One of the friends asked, “What is the trouble,...Read more


Targeted For Assassination

Before entering the ministry, I spent some six years as a reserve police officer in the Royal Ulster Constabulary. At the time, Northern Ireland was dealing with the insurgency of the IRA terrorist organization, which was trying to force the British out of Northern Ireland against the will of the...Read more


Finding The Right Words To Say

I once read about a Spanish ambassador who came to America and did not know the English language very well. In a meeting with an American diplomat, he began to engage in some small talk, and the ambassador was asked if he had any children. The ambassador tried to explain...Read more


Spoiled For Choice

Daniel Boone was one of the heroes of the American frontier. It is said that he was once returning from the uncharted forests beyond the Kentucky River, and he was asked by a lady if he was ever lost. The famous scout replied, “I cannot say I was ever lost,...Read more