Truth Matters

The latest devotional by Philip De Courcy


American Unrest

Late last week, Pastor Philip was interviewed by Noah Dingley, the host of “Across The County,” which is heard on both KPRZ AM 1210 and KCBQ AM 1170 in San Diego, CA.  In the interview, Pastor Philip provides his insights into the current environment within the country, based on both his...Read more


Seize The Moment

The painting of Theodore Roosevelt by John Singer Sargent, which is one of many portraits that hang in the White House, has an unusual story attached to it. For several days the painter had been waiting about the stately mansion, hoping for the chance to see the President and gain...Read more


It's Time To Pray

The late Ray Stedman served as pastor of Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California, for many years. He once related a story told to him by a seasoned mariner who had navigated vessels around the world over a long career. The man had seen his fair share of surging...Read more


Bold As A Lion

Theodore Roosevelt was a force of nature and a formidable figure. He was full of vim and vigor, and his output in life would make the average head spin. An example of this drive and determination was evidenced on October 14, 1912, as Roosevelt was about to step into his...Read more


Do The Next Thing

The best thing that you and I can do, when we are not sure what is the best thing to do, is to do the next obvious thing. Faced with uncertainty, confronted with multiple choices and disoriented by circumstances, wisdom would tell us that the way forward usually starts with...Read more


Undeniably Good

In AD 155, the people of the city of Smyrna found their entertainment in gladiatorial fights and the martyrdom of Christians. Statius Quadratus, the Roman proconsul, was the guest of honor as eleven Christians were brought in from Philadelphia to be thrown to the lions. In the midst of the...Read more


In Good Hands

In the midst of the Reformation, the Pope made an attempt to tame “the wild boar that had invaded the Lord’s vineyard.” In order to bring Martin Luther back to the Catholic Church, a Cardinal from Rome was dispatched to buy the Reformer’s repentance with gold. But soon after the...Read more


Firmly Fixed In Place

G. Campbell Morgan was one of the greatest Bible expositors of his generation. The balance of his ministry was spent leading the famous Westminster Chapel in London during a period of the early 20th Century which included the sinking of the Titanic and the First and Second World Wars. With the...Read more


Good Riddance

When I pastored in Ohio, I was always looking for reasons to visit California, especially in the dead of winter. To be honest, if I was invited to preach in California during the months of December or January, I didn’t even pray about it, I just took it to be...Read more


Bless You

Samuel Chadwick was a great British Methodist leader, and quite a character.  Unique and unafraid is how we might put it. On one occasion, a student at his ministerial college asked for permission to smoke a pipe, which was against the rules. The student pleaded that he had been a smoker...Read more