Truth Matters

The latest devotional by Philip De Courcy


Safe and Sound

In his book Muscular Faith, author and campus pastor Ben Patterson writes, “When circumstances aren’t as agreeable as I want them to be, I practice a little spiritual discipline that has managed to feed my hope and keep me in joy, nevertheless. I have a long version and a short version:...Read more


Don't Forget To Say Thank You

One Sunday morning following the service, a woman came up to the pastor and thanked him for the encouraging and edifying sermon he had just preached. In his response he said, “Thank you, but don’t thank me. Thank the Lord.” She said, “Well, I thought of that, but it wasn’t...Read more


That's An Easy Decision

A young man came to the late Bible teacher J. Vernon McGee and said, “Dr. McGee, I have been studying predestination, and I am so convinced of the sovereignty of God that I believe if I stood in the middle of a busy highway, and my hour was not yet...Read more


Proof Of Birth (Part 2)

The story is told of a daughter who thought that it was time for her aging and widowed mother to get on with life, and so she set her up on a blind date with an elderly gentleman friend. When her mother returned after the evening out, she asked how...Read more


Proof Of Birth (Part 1)

The story is told of Will Rogers, the humorist, who on one occasion went in to get a passport. The official said, “We need to see your birth certificate.” Rogers replied, “What for?” The man behind the desk responded, “For proof of your birth.” Rogers looked at the man whimsically...Read more


The Hiding Place

David McCullough’s book The Great Bridge tells an engaging and enlightening story about the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, which arches the East River and joins Manhattan to Brooklyn. In June 1872, the chief engineer of the project wrote, “To such of the general public as might imagine that no work had...Read more


Keep Walking

In her book The Path of Loneliness, Elisabeth Elliot tells of those early struggles to get up in the morning and go through the day without Jim at her side. Jim had been martyred for Christ in 1956 seeking to reach the Waorani people of Ecuador with the gospel. Adjusting to...Read more


The Choices We Make

President Lincoln was not endowed with natural beauty, and he knew it. On one occasion, the political detractor Stephen Douglas accused the president of being two-faced. With renowned humility and humor, Lincoln retorted, “Does the gentleman believe for a moment that if I had two faces, I would be wearing...Read more


Fired Up

God wants us “on the boil” for His glory, His Son, and gospel advancement. He wants us not to be lacking in zeal; He wants us to protect our spiritual fervor (Rom. 12:11). God wants us to maintain the spiritual glow. Make no mistake about it, God would rather cool...Read more


Living Letters

Toward the end of his book Max on Life, author Max Lucado encourages his readers to remember that the apostles were writers and that we need to pick up the pens that Paul, John, and Luke have set down. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword, and writing is a...Read more