Truth Matters

The latest devotional by Philip De Courcy


The Test Of First Impressions

We say that a first impression can be a lasting impression, and indeed that is true. The first time we do something is often the most memorable. The first time we meet someone, we immediately begin to decide whether we like them or not. First impressions are indelible, and that...Read more


Believe The Best

In his book Life Essentials, author Tony Evans remembers how one of his favorite professors at Dallas Seminary, Dr. Howard Hendricks, told the class of how his fifth-grade teacher had tied him to a chair in an attempt to make him behave. When he went to sixth grade, his teacher eyed...Read more


Talking Things Up

In 1856, Andrew Bonar, brother of the hymnwriter Horatius Bonar and the close friend of Robert Murray McCheyne, became pastor of a new church on Finnieston Street in a needy area of Glasgow. God multiplied his efforts and blessed the work.  Before long, what had begun as a small and struggling...Read more


You Need To Listen More

My friend Stephen Davey tells the story of the husband who, knowing his wife’s birthday was just around the corner, asked her with some attempted subtlety, “Honey, if you could have one wish, what would you want?” She thought for a moment, then laughed and said, “I would love to...Read more


Here Comes Trouble

Have you noticed recently that the good guys are now the bad guys? That Christianity is portrayed and ridiculed as being on the wrong side of history?  That Christian views on salvation, marriage, and gender, are not seen as merely false, but as dangerous; opinions not to be considered but censored?...Read more


I'll Prove It

In her book A Lamp unto My Feet, Elisabeth Elliott writes in connection with the tragic loss of her husband at a relatively young age: “Repeatedly I am asked variations of this question: Did the Lord comfort you, or were you sometimes lonely or sad? It is not an either/or thing. If...Read more


Making Plans

John Chancellor, at the age of 67, was just easing his way into retirement after 43 years in the broadcasting business as a journalist. He was seen often on the NBC Nightly News. At this point in his life, there was not a cloud in the sky. All was well,...Read more


God With Skin On

A little fellow put to bed one night couldn’t sleep. After some twisting and turning, he eventually slipped into a slumber only to awaken screaming due to  the horrors of a nightmare. His father rushed upstairs to assure him that everything was fine, but the shadows on the wall plus the...Read more


The Christmas Rush

In a message on Christmas, John MacArthur tells the story of a wealthy Boston family who invited friends and family to a christening. The party was to take place at their magnificent mansion in celebration of the birth of this precious little one. A half-hour into the party, when it...Read more


Living Well

In a classic “Peanuts” comic strip, Charlie Brown turns to Lucy for some psychiatric help and psychological relief. Plaintively he asks, “What can you do when you don’t fit in? What can you do when life seems to be passing you by?” Lucy leads Charlie away from her booth and...Read more