Truth Matters

The latest devotional by Philip De Courcy


Firmly Fixed In Place

G. Campbell Morgan was one of the greatest Bible expositors of his generation. The balance of his ministry was spent leading the famous Westminster Chapel in London during a period of the early 20th Century which included the sinking of the Titanic and the First and Second World Wars. With the...Read more


Good Riddance

When I pastored in Ohio, I was always looking for reasons to visit California, especially in the dead of winter. To be honest, if I was invited to preach in California during the months of December or January, I didn’t even pray about it, I just took it to be...Read more


Bless You

Samuel Chadwick was a great British Methodist leader, and quite a character.  Unique and unafraid is how we might put it. On one occasion, a student at his ministerial college asked for permission to smoke a pipe, which was against the rules. The student pleaded that he had been a smoker...Read more


Do Your Job

The late Ted Kennedy enjoyed retelling the story of his first run for the Senate when he was 30 years old. During a debate with his opponent, his political adversary questioned his fitness for office, pointing to the fact that Kennedy had lived a charmed life, and had never held...Read more


Talk To The Animals

The famed Amos Alonzo Stagg coached at the University of Chicago until he was seventy years of age. In fact, in some form or another he coached football teams until finally retiring at the age of ninety-one. Although he sensed a call to the ministry early in life, he soon...Read more


Have A Merry Christmas

During his freshman year at College, a student, due to commitments and circumstances was unable to get home for Christmas. Thinking about his father and Christmas morning, the young man decided to send to his father a set of inexpensive cuff links through the post with this accompanying note: “Dear...Read more


Daylight Robbery

In his book “Heavenly Rewards,” my friend Mark Hitchcock tells the story of Arthur Barry, considered to be one of the world’s greatest jewelry thieves. Over his criminal career in the 1920’s he committed 150 robberies, mostly jewelry, with an estimated worth of $5 to $10 million (a tremendous amount at...Read more


An Attitude of Gratitude

G. K. Chesterton was a remarkable individual who belonged to the early twentieth century. His genius combined the abilities of a novelist, critic, poet, popular theologian, and writer of detective stories. Toward the end of his life in 1936 he turned his attention, and considerable ability to the writing of...Read more


You Go, Girl!

In his excellent book on the Protestant Reformation, “The Unquenchable Flame,” Michael Reeves tells the odd and fascinating story of the marriage of Archbishop Thomas Cranmer. While on assignment as a priest in Lutheran Germany, Cranmer married, which was still forbidden back in England. Being recalled back to England, and...Read more


Frustrated To No End

In his book “A Call to Spiritual Reformation,” New Testament scholar D. A. Carson writes about a wonderful man of God and servant of Jesus Christ Bishop Stanway. Bishop Stanway had been an instrument in God’s hands in furthering the work of God in East Africa, where in Tanzania alone...Read more