Truth Matters

The weekly devotional of Philip De Courcy



Pat and Tina O’Neal are friends of mine who have faithfully and fruitfully served God for many years through CBMC, Christian Business Men’s Committee. Over dinner one night they told me of a time when they found themselves stranded in Johannesburg on the way home from a trip to Africa....Read more



William Temple, 98th Archbishop of Canterbury, famously said: “Prayer is not the overcoming of God’s reluctance but the laying hold of His willingness.” In these words we are reminded that we should never be afraid to pray to God or hesitate to ask for His help. God does not have...Read more


Anxious For Nothing

There is a funny story about a certain woman who, for many years had trouble sleeping for fear of home invasions and burglars.  She worried that she would wake up some night to find an unwelcome stranger in her house. One night her husband heard a noise in the house...Read more


A Thorny Issue

It seems counterintuitive to thank God for our trials, tears, and thorns because we naturally see pain as an unwelcome guest or an unlawful intruder in our lives. Suffering and sorrow are things we find unpleasant and often pray that God would immediately remove from our lives. It is one...Read more



What if I told you generally speaking, that most people are as happy as they have made their minds up to be? What if I proposed to you that most of our days are what we “will” them to be? The point I am driving at is that to rejoice...Read more



From my earliest days as a Christian, I have been greatly helped by the writings of Harry Ironside, former pastor of Moody Church. He seemed to be a man of the people and he certainly was a man of the Word. His public ministry was one of Bible exposition. Encouraged...Read more


You Are Being Followed

During the fall of 1974, President Gerald Ford’s son Michael Ford along with his wife Gayle attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in the Boston area. Because his father occupied the Oval Office at the time, Michael had to have two Secret Service agents with him at all times. They tried to...Read more


The Christmas Rush

In a message on Christmas, John MacArthur tells the story of a wealthy Boston family who invited friends and family to a christening. The party was to take place at their magnificent mansion in celebration of the birth of this precious little one. A half-hour into the party, when it...Read more


Follow Along

The Jewish American comedian Sam Levenson once recalled that his over-protective mother walked lockstep with him on his very first day of school insisting on talking to the teacher before she returned home.  Levenson said that, among other things, his mother told the teacher that if he was a naughty...Read more



Upon her husband’s death, a woman learned that he had left her a moderate financial legacy of $20,000. Shortly after the funeral the woman informed a friend that she was broke. The friend was surprised and inquired as to what had happened to the $20,000. The widow answered, “Well, the...Read more