Truth Matters

The latest devotional by Philip De Courcy


Do The Math

Found in North America, the venomous coral snake is known for its deep red, yellow and black-colored banding. These snakes average three feet in length and are not usually aggressive. Though only 1% of snake bites each year in America are from coral snakes, they possess potent venom. Their bites...Read more


Please Step Aside

The evangelist Billy Graham is one of the most recognizable names throughout the world. Few have cast a gospel net further than this man. The numbers are staggering.  Across the span of 60 years Mr. Graham spoke live to more than 215 million people in a total of 185 countries. Yet, throughout...Read more


Make Room

Not too long ago I read about an interview given to a leading magazine by one of the great singers of our generation. In it he explains to the interviewer that when he and his fellow musicians go into a studio to record a song, they all have a general...Read more


Living With Dying

Recently I came across a rather strange website called On this site I was asked to answer a few questions regarding my date of birth, mood, and body mass index. After entering the data and clicking a button, a calculation was made as to the projected day of my...Read more


Don't Bail Early

You may have heard the funny story of the lawyer, doctor, little boy, and priest who were up in a small plane for an afternoon flight when the aircraft developed some mechanical problems. Despite the pilot’s best efforts, the plane could not be kept airborne and so began to descend...Read more


The Sensible Thing To Do

Like most effective leaders, Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, the founder of Dallas Theological Seminary, was a standout character and a unique individual.  He was not cut from the same cloth as most. In proving my point, I remember reading about a banquet he was asked to speak at in Dallas. The...Read more


Amazing Grace

In the book Holy,Holy,Holy, R. C. Sproul tells the story of his second year in teaching. He had been assigned to teach a class on Old Testament Introduction to 250 college freshmen. As part of the coursework, Dr. Sproul required three small papers due on the 30th of September, October and...Read more


Don't Forget To Say Thank You

One Sunday morning following the service a woman came up to the pastor and thanked him for the encouraging and edifying sermon he had just preached. In his response he said: “Thank you, but don’t thank me, thank the Lord.” She said, “Well, I thought of that, but it wasn’t...Read more


Watch Your Mouth

As precious as the right to speak is, saying the right thing at the right time in the right manner is even more valuable. In this regard I like the story that comes out of the life of the great scientist Albert Einstein. Once, as a guest of honor at...Read more



A PGA golfer will tell you that Thursday is a very important day in any professional golf tournament. It is the day the player needs to get off to a good start. While the tournament cannot be won on a Thursday, it can be lost. They can get so far...Read more